Sunday, February 20, 2011

Inkscape L-System Turtle

Inkscape 0.48 Windows 7
Extensions, Render, L-System

“It's more of a grammar than maths.
It resembles an old computer drawing game Turtles,
some kids still learn about it today.
You have a turtle that you can order where to move,
as she moves she leaves a trail,
if you are careful of the moves you can make a meaningful drawing.”

This is my lame attempt at tracking the "turtle."

Order 2, I'm already lost:

Several assumptions:
I assumed the same Turtle start position as Order 1.
I assumed Order 2 would draw Order 1 twice, nope.
I assumed the lines would not overlap, nope.
I assumed the "turtle pen" was one continuous line, no again. I think it skips or jumps. It goes around in a circle (not always continuous) and then starts to go around in another circle but stops before it finishes.

If the "turtle pen" was one continuous line, then color blue and color red would be together, because color blue is turtle position after color red which is the first path drawn in Order 1. Got all that? lol Oh, but we haven't even started with this yet. Anyway, I made 4 different colors of Order 1 because I think initially, Order 1 line goes around in a circle. Then I started trying to track the path. I have no idea if I'm correct, but it seemed to be consistent behavior thru Order 4 which by then was a totally HUGE 3421x1711 fractal drawing.

I didn't overlap my colors so they would be visible, but this shows that the fractal drawing does overlap the lines.

Order 3 looks like it takes Order 2 chunk and plops it around, somewhat circular.

I probably should have started with a simpler Order 1 formula to track. I thought if I could figure out what it did, I could create specific patterns, but I'm lost. This one is pretty, though. It has hearts and looks like a bear by Order 4. It reminds me more of ASCII art than fractal art.


(Edited by me.)

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nobody said...

Nice article. Pitty I my computer stuck in order 5 ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks for this post, I used part of your material in another post. (I refered to your post when used).