Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy Songs and a Not So Happy One

YouTube Links:

Beautiful Life, by Ace of Base, band trio from Gothenburg, Sweden.
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This is currently my music bliss song. Very upbeat and good to jump rope to. So workout!

Beautiful Morning, by Ace of Base
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Another Small Adventure, by Chantal Kreviazuk, Canadian singer-songwriter.
That's a fan video, which is pretty good.
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And now a not so happy one, but wow! is it powerful!
Disarm, by Smashing Pumpkins, American alternative rock band formed in Chicago.
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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Window Frost Pattern

An intricate frost pattern on one of my dirty windows. :-)
Disappeared by noon sun.
I wonder if I'll get more of these?

Playing In Paint Shop Pro 9 Again

Using Light & Shade to Bring Text to Life
This was an educational study of light and shade and how to create that in graphics software. The tut is for Photoshop, but I used Paint Shop Pro 9 (PSP9). And of course, things don't quite work out as they are supposed to. I just could not get the same golden light coloring no matter what colors I tried. So I used blue cuz it was the prettiest I could come up with. I also textured that background a little because the gradient lines were showing and adding a little noise did not fix it. The shading on the side of my letters makes the text look a little warped? Must not have got that mask just right. I'd probably use a different font if I did this tut again. This one was a little too fat.

Other Tuts at the same site. (My results pics posted here don't look like the tut examples.)

A Slick Supernatural Text Effect
What intrigued me about this tutorial was using the Wave Effect to create smoke. Well, I never did create anything I liked with the Wave Effect in Paint Shop Pro 9 (PSP9) which does not have a scale setting like Photoshop's Wave does. And I don't think the Hard Light Layer Blend has the same effect in PSP9 as in Photoshop.

Advanced Glow Effects
Could not create those glowing lines, but I did study the various ways to create glowing text.

And...Went out and shot a few photos of neon signs...Time for a brewski...