Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Road Trip6

Newport, OR - Day3


Tufted Muffin:

Pigeoun Guillemot:

It was crowded at the aquarium and I don't like crowds.
Not much to take pictures of since the environment made that rather difficult.
Cost us $18.95 each and we were there an hour at the most and I was tired out.
I liked the Octopus which was constantly moving and changing shape. It was mesmerizing.
And I liked the Moon Jellyfish.

Road Trip5

Newport, OR - Day2

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Road Trip4

Redmond, OR to Bend, OR, US20 to Albany, OR to Corvallis OR to Newport OR
We couldn't have asked for a better weather day to drive Redmond/Bend to Albany/Corvallis/Newport.
It was absolutely the perfect gorgeous spring day.

Spring is really booming around here with lush fresh green growth and vivid blossoming colors.
I have never seen such a beautiful spring in nature!
The songbirds are furiously busy singing and mating and nesting.

I was happy with our driving route choices, dropping down into Bend, then over the mountain passes to Newport.

Still snow up there. Pic shows snowbanks covered in red dirt/gravel.

Ever changing landscapes and interesting. Some stretches were slow going, but I didn't mind. We got kind of a kick out of the road signs thru the twisty mountain passes areas. You wouldn't see any signs for towns for a long time, but you'd see signs like:
Bump, Slides, Sunken Grade, Rocks, Rough Road.
So we were discussing how you'd give driving directions.
Well, it's a Bump, Bump, Slides, then a Sunken Grade, and a few Rocks and you're there. HA
We are easily amused people! LOL

At Newport.
The first time I've seen the OCEAN!

(There's a lighthouse in the background, but it is covered in fog.)

Down to the beach:

My first ocean sunset, taken from my room:

Road Trip3

Liberty Lake, WA to Redmond, OR:

I84 towards Portland, OR:

Hwy97 towards Bend, OR:

Redmond, OR:

Bend, OR mountains info:
Three Sisters
Mt Bachelor
Cascade Range
Bend, OR

Road Trip2

Bozeman, MT to Liberty Lake, WA:

(That's Butte, MT.)

Road Trip1

Near Bozeman, MT:

Bozeman, MT:
The Bridger Mountains are to the north-northeast,
the Tobacco Root Mountains to the west-south-west,
the Big Belt Mountains and
Horseshoe Hills to the northwest,
the Hyalite Peaks of the northern Gallatin Range to the south and
the Spanish Peaks of the northern Madison Range to the south-southwest.

Bozeman, MT:
close to 6 mt ranges
Absaroka Mountains
Bridger Mountains
Crazy Mountains
Gallatin Mountains
Madison Range
Spanish Peaks
Tobacco Root Mountains

map image