Sunday, April 28, 2013

Road Trip4

Redmond, OR to Bend, OR, US20 to Albany, OR to Corvallis OR to Newport OR
We couldn't have asked for a better weather day to drive Redmond/Bend to Albany/Corvallis/Newport.
It was absolutely the perfect gorgeous spring day.

Spring is really booming around here with lush fresh green growth and vivid blossoming colors.
I have never seen such a beautiful spring in nature!
The songbirds are furiously busy singing and mating and nesting.

I was happy with our driving route choices, dropping down into Bend, then over the mountain passes to Newport.

Still snow up there. Pic shows snowbanks covered in red dirt/gravel.

Ever changing landscapes and interesting. Some stretches were slow going, but I didn't mind. We got kind of a kick out of the road signs thru the twisty mountain passes areas. You wouldn't see any signs for towns for a long time, but you'd see signs like:
Bump, Slides, Sunken Grade, Rocks, Rough Road.
So we were discussing how you'd give driving directions.
Well, it's a Bump, Bump, Slides, then a Sunken Grade, and a few Rocks and you're there. HA
We are easily amused people! LOL

At Newport.
The first time I've seen the OCEAN!

(There's a lighthouse in the background, but it is covered in fog.)

Down to the beach:

My first ocean sunset, taken from my room:

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