Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Smoke" On The Water

My first attempt at taking photographs of fog.

Smoke on the water... at hypemachine.

From Wiki:
The "smoke on the water" that became the title of the song referred to the smoke from the fire spreading over Lake Geneva from the burning casino as the members of Deep Purple watched the fire from their hotel across the lake.

Search YouTube
Whoa, check this one out: Deep Purple Live
Almost 9 minutes long.


An opportunity to try a silhouette.

A New Trail

A new trail to explore.
Yippy Skippy.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Guess What This Is

Betchya can't guess what this is...

It looks like a wooden flower.

Okay, here's the obvious hint.

Trio - I plopped three of them on a fence post, to get a blurry background.

I might go back to the scene and try again to get a good shot of the cones in the tree. I actually had too much light for this shoot (surprised me) and the cones tended to be overexposed.

More Fuzzies

I'm into these fuzzies (flowers/weeds gone to seed). They're everywhere too.

Hangin' On

Falling Apart


Best High Contrast Photo

This represents my best exposure on a high contrast scene.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Tree moss.
Fabulous yummy texture, and yes, it really was this pretty green color.
The next day, it was gone.

Where's My Mama?

The fawn was grazing speedily in the back yard today, so I got in a photo shoot thru the window...

He's such a high energy creature, just a busy moving here and there. It's hard to catch him in a still pose. But then all of a sudden he paused and looked back as if to say "where's my mama?" before scurrying back into the trees to find her.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Always Take Your Camera With You

I almost didn't take my camera with me during my morning workout. But I did and then I decided to go a bit further than usual. Came to a little brook or whatever you'd call it and paused considering taking a shot and...

Look who flew in for the photo shoot as I stood there...

That is at full zoom, hand held, no post-processing, early morning.

I think this is a Cooper's Hawk Juvenile.

I was so excited I was shaking. Okay, BREATHE, turn on the camera, hold steady, hold breath, shoot.

Here's a no zoom full size crop:

And just to give you an idea of place, here's the entire scene no crop resized to fit my blog.

I just stood there and kept taking photos for as long as I could.
Got 6 pics of him before he flew away.
3 blurry throw aways and 3 keepers out of the bunch.

That was the ONLY thing that showed up interesting that day.

The Last Hurrah

I'm not sure what kind of weed/plant this is. But the flowers had gone to seed and become this fluffy white ball, kinda like the dandelion does. I zoomed in and...

I call it "The Last Hurrah."

Here's a Dandelion fuzz ball.

Intricate little thing ain't it.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sexy - Photo and Music

These flowers (lilies?) are so NOT this red! I cannot get an accurate color on these with my camera. I tried. They are really a quiet muted wine color. I had not noticed how heavy they were with pollen until I looked at the photos.

Here's a full sized crop of the stamens heavy with pollen and pistil.

Plant Physiology

Birthday Song, by Abra Moore

For you are so beautiful
You are so wild
You are so young
Could you stay the way you are
You don't have to carry
This world on your shoulders
This life can be scary
When you get older...

Search YouTube for Abra
I also like songs: Four Leaf Clover, I Believe.

NOTE: I think the flower is a daylily.
Possibly: Ruby Stella or Pardon Me

This flickr user captured a daylily with more of that wine color I was going for, only more vivid.

Rocks and Water - Photo and Music

A study in shutter speed and running water.
Rock water fountain.

1/20 shutter speed gave this running water a smooth look.
This shot is fabulous at full size. (I think so, anyway.)
The colors and textures are so yummy!
I have no place to put large images online yet.
Optimized it too, to keep the file size down, so lower quality.
I'm feeling so limited lately. :)

Here's a close up snip of the above image. Not optimized.

Rocks And Water, by The Weepies

Seven times I went down
Six times I walked back.
And I don't fear the dark anymore
'Cause I'm become all that.
all that
all that
all that

I will be rocks, I will be water
I will leave this to my daughter
Lift your head up in the wind
When you feel yourself grow colder
Wrap the night around your shoulders
and I will be with you even then
even when I cannot see your face anymore

Don't forget the time
I wooed him with red wine.
The devil he wore such a fine, fine shirt
And it stayed so clean while he dragged me through the dirt
Now, honey, don't trust anyone who looks you in the eye
Don't take any kindness, it's a demand in disguise


I have seen such things child
I have seen
I have seen
I have seen
such things, child
on this, and the other side.
Words cannot show you
the midnight owl it does not know you.
You will see for your sweet self
by and by.


I will be rocks, I will be water.
I will leave this to my daughter:

Together Alone

Wild sunflowers.



Together Alone

Sad But Hopeful

With each ending comes a new beginning.