Friday, August 17, 2007

Always Take Your Camera With You

I almost didn't take my camera with me during my morning workout. But I did and then I decided to go a bit further than usual. Came to a little brook or whatever you'd call it and paused considering taking a shot and...

Look who flew in for the photo shoot as I stood there...

That is at full zoom, hand held, no post-processing, early morning.

I think this is a Cooper's Hawk Juvenile.

I was so excited I was shaking. Okay, BREATHE, turn on the camera, hold steady, hold breath, shoot.

Here's a no zoom full size crop:

And just to give you an idea of place, here's the entire scene no crop resized to fit my blog.

I just stood there and kept taking photos for as long as I could.
Got 6 pics of him before he flew away.
3 blurry throw aways and 3 keepers out of the bunch.

That was the ONLY thing that showed up interesting that day.

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