Monday, August 13, 2007

Sexy - Photo and Music

These flowers (lilies?) are so NOT this red! I cannot get an accurate color on these with my camera. I tried. They are really a quiet muted wine color. I had not noticed how heavy they were with pollen until I looked at the photos.

Here's a full sized crop of the stamens heavy with pollen and pistil.

Plant Physiology

Birthday Song, by Abra Moore

For you are so beautiful
You are so wild
You are so young
Could you stay the way you are
You don't have to carry
This world on your shoulders
This life can be scary
When you get older...

Search YouTube for Abra
I also like songs: Four Leaf Clover, I Believe.

NOTE: I think the flower is a daylily.
Possibly: Ruby Stella or Pardon Me

This flickr user captured a daylily with more of that wine color I was going for, only more vivid.

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