Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Music - Xavier Rudd, Kanye West

New artists to me, and new songs I like...

Google the songs:
Xavier Rudd, Home

Kanye West, Love Lockdown

Add site:YouTube to Kanye West google search above and you'll find it at YouTube cuz it's pretty popular right now.
You can find Xavier Rudd videos at YouTube also, but I could not find the song, Home.

Or check Elbo.

Good Comments about Kanye West song:
Love Lockdown
By Wise Diva 11 Sep 08 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

What's fun to me is that I have no idea who Kanye West is! LOL It's not my usual music genre. I think he's a rapper and/or hip hop?
But I like this song, Love Lockdown.

Xavier Rudd is another unknown to me, I sure like the song, Home. Very pretty, soulful. I'm going to be looking for and listening to more of his songs.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Right Place Right Time

This is another one of those "always take your camera" moments.
Perfect timing.
This stuff looked like it was coated with glitter or jewels.
It shined and sparkled in the sun.
The leaves are kinda frosty icy wet yet not frozen.
The temperature was in the 40's.
It was fabulous looking stuff!

The plant is goldflame Spirea (Google it.) A fairly common plant around here, because it is very colorful, hearty and easy care.

Peace And Love Leaves

I don't know what kind of tree or plant this is.

The leaves remind me of that cigar tree. They are HUGE. I took a picture of this one because the veins really stood out and I loved the texture.

When I was reviewing the pics on puter, I noticed the peace sign on the leaf.

You could also make out a heart...sorta,kinda...

The Zen Trail

I don't know what this stuff is, but I thought "Zen" when I saw it.

So I called it my little Zen trail along the river.

It was difficult to get a good picture of the trail, but I thought I'd post this anyway just for a sense of the setting I was walking through as I took pictures.

Yeah, more like a jungle trail. LOL Some of the stalk tops stood talker than me.

A nice closeup of the "wheat." It was a pretty reddish/purplish color depending on how the sun hit it.

And since it was really tall stuff, it was easy to isolate and get a sky/cloud background on it.

Signs of Autumn 2008

I think I did a "signs of autumn" series last year? That's what September is like around here. We have all this color popping up. I adore autumn. Besides the colors, I love the sunlight this time of year. It's not as harsh, not as much glare as the summertime sun.

Photo Walks & Looking Up The Old Cottonwood

Looking up the old cottonwood tree.

One thing about taking my camera with me on the same walking route is I have to see differently to take fresh pictures.
A different time of day and it's a whole new world.

It's usually too early in the day and thus too dark to take a picture like this, so I got into looking up trees! Hey, I actually got BLUE skies and a decent exposure of the tree trunk!

We have really old cottonwood trees around here, and the older they get the more character they have. The trunk bark gets really thick and chunky with deep crevices and the branches are crooked and bumpy. They look like they've been thru a lot. And they have, cuz they are OLD. Oh the stories they could tell us if they could speak!

I love trees.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Independent Film Channel is airing the movie, Eulogy, a dark comedy.
I liked it.
Good to see Debra Winger (b. 16 May 55) again.
I liked Zooey Deschanel (b. 17 Jan 80) in this movie. The Kate Collins character fit her well this time. I did not care for her much as DG in Tin Man.

The imdb summary of Eulogy (link above) says, "Son Daniel is a secret porn actor."
I think that's incorrect. I sure never caught that in the movie. His wife, however, is another story (the video).

For anybody out there who wants to see Eulogy, TVGuide says the movie will air again on IFC:
Wed, Sep 17, 5:10 AM
Mon, Sep 22, 7:00 PM
Tue, Sep 23, 4:35 AM
(The movie is rated R, not PG13.)

A few quotes I got from imdb (link above):

Kate Collins: Could one of you *please* tell me one nice thing I can say about your dead father.
Lucy Collins: [after a long pause] He often called me Andrea for no reason.
Daniel Collins: I was Barry.
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Kate Collins: [reading a letter from Ryan out loud] Did you really leave me again? After all the seasons I spent waiting, watching out the window, listening at the door, waiting for the news of your return? For the news that you realized that someone important was waiting for you. A whole lifetime I've been waiting. I can't believe you're not coming back. I can't believe I'm supposed to stop waiting. I can't believe you left me again...
[ends letter]
Kate Collins: Grandpa didn't leave because of you, it was because of you he kept coming back. I hope you all realize that.
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

I didn't check to see if that was an exact quote or not, but it's close. She just kinda pulled out this letter she had from Ryan and read it, I think, more out of desperation to find something to say for her grandfather's eulogy. So it was this odd mix of funny yet kinda sad/true.

Trailer (YouTube)

Soundtrack List

Search YouTube For Songs:
Doctor My Eyes
Papa Was a Rolling Stone

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
UPDATE posted 16 Sep 08:
I just discovered a song that goes well with the movie, Eulogy.
It's Willow Tree, by Chad VanGaalen.
It's currently a top track at elbo.
Or you can Google it.

"Willow Tree
Take my body
Put it in a boat
Light it on fire
Send it out to sea"

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Wow, I LOVE this song.
Beautiful piano music.
Another one of those songs I can listen to over and over again.

Radio Ballet (YouTube) by Eluvium (Matthew Cooper)
(Piano pic from YouTube video.)

Color of Music: Interview With Eluvium
(The song DOES end abruptly, however, the video at this site does cut off the song at the end too.)