Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Music - Xavier Rudd, Kanye West

New artists to me, and new songs I like...

Google the songs:
Xavier Rudd, Home

Kanye West, Love Lockdown

Add site:YouTube to Kanye West google search above and you'll find it at YouTube cuz it's pretty popular right now.
You can find Xavier Rudd videos at YouTube also, but I could not find the song, Home.

Or check Elbo.

Good Comments about Kanye West song:
Love Lockdown
By Wise Diva 11 Sep 08 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

What's fun to me is that I have no idea who Kanye West is! LOL It's not my usual music genre. I think he's a rapper and/or hip hop?
But I like this song, Love Lockdown.

Xavier Rudd is another unknown to me, I sure like the song, Home. Very pretty, soulful. I'm going to be looking for and listening to more of his songs.

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