Thursday, March 01, 2007

Inkscape - LSystem Effect

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I did get these to work--after I figured out the missing parameters that aren't mentioned. They all have to have a Step and Order specified, duh.

Step 4 can be used on all the Axiom F and Axiom ++F illustrations
Step 8 on Axiom FX (Order is specified on png)
Step 25, Order 3 on Koch curve
Step 25, Order 10 on Meander
Step 25 on Sierpinski triangles (Order is specified on png)
Step 50, Order 3 on the Penrose. (Step 50 is good size to try.)
Step 5 on Dragon curve fits on regular size paper. (Order is specified on png)

I think step 25 may be fairly large? But good place to start on the simple patterns so you can see what they look like close up.
(Inkscape loads at 35% view on default which is really too small. I have changed that now. Edit default.svg in inkscape/share/templates directory.)

Gotta tweak the nodes on the Penrose. It isn't perfect. No biggie.
Coloring instructions work on some of it.

I printed out the png example and then typed and saved the rules in a word processor for copy/paste because some are quite lengthy. Too bad a person can't save these as presets.

Default is lost when changing parameters.

Koch's Snowflake pattern at Inkscape online manual.

Parameters are Order 3, Angles 60, Axiom F++F++F, Rules F=F-F++F-F.
Try Step 25.

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