Sunday, March 04, 2007

Inkscape Tutorials, Videos

Some Inkscape tutorials I want to reference here.

Swirly curls in Inkscape
This one is not for newbies. I found it difficult to follow until I had learned more about Inkscape.

Inkscape Blur FilterTut
Haven't worked thru this one yet.

Photo Popout
And more at that link. I think he's a convert from WindowsXP to Linux Ubuntu.

Interesting to watch someone work in Inkscape.
I found out another way to skew--if an object is converted to Path, the Node Tool will skew.
With a photo, though, I think you have to make it a pattern, use it as a fill for an object then convert the object to path. That's the way it is on the video anyway.
I never thought of making a pattern of a picture and using that instead of the picture.
(See Help, Tutorials, Tips and Tricks.)
(Automate it: File, Inkscape Preferences, Misc, Uncheck Import Image as Bitmap.)

The pattern within rectangle behavior is different with the Node Tool than the Select Tool.
Resize with Select tool, the pattern is fixed.
Resize with the Node tool, the pattern is dynamic. Can rotate the pattern within the rec with that little, ah...round nodule whatchamacallit. :)

I did run into glitches with the Windows version of Inkscape again, so I couldn't finish the tut.
Path, Union makes the pattern flip around inside its rectangle. It looks like the pattern is sliced and flipped sometimes. Other times just flipped. Path, Exclusion does this too. Maybe anything under the Path menu? It doesn't matter what Tool either.

NOTE: Selecting both objects in Windows version is Shift/click not Ctrl/click.
The key combos are different. I'm running into that quite a bit. Must be different versions of Inkscape use different keyboard combinations.

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