Sunday, February 20, 2011

Inkscape Fractal Cross

Inkscape 0.48
Extension, Render, L-System

What would a person do with these, I'm not sure.
The image above is a Step Length 2, duplicated, Flip Horizontally, Group, Rotate, Export.
Export took forever.

This next one is a closeup of the cross part of the fractal. I guess you'd call these fractals.
Step Length is 5.

Export a section without separating it:
I created a rectangle on a layer below the part I wanted to export.
Hide the rectangle layer while keeping it selected and Export.

Cut out a section and then Export:
Create a rectangle on top of the piece you want to cut out.
Select both fractal and rectangle, Object/Clip, then Export
I suppose a person could try Tiled Clones on a Clip.


Help Tab:

What do the other Letters mean that I see used in L-System? I don't know.

Same Axiom and Rules, different Order, Length, and Angle.

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