Friday, February 11, 2011

Inkscape Tiled Clones Those Manual Patterns

I'm working in Inkscape 0.48 Windows 7.

Is it just me, or were those Tiled Clones Manual Pattern examples hard to figure out?

The clue:
Manual Tiles Symmetries
“The pairs of numbers indicate the row and column numbers.”

(1,1) is the original object shape. Oh.
I don't know if I had that epiphany before when working with Tiled Clones, but I sure didn't remember it. :)

It is much easier to learn Tiled Clones by creating them, rather than reading about them, because you get the instant visual connect between what you do and the result. So just go fiddle with the parameters and see what happens. If things get really messed up, hit the Reset and start over.

NOTE: Triangles are difficult to pattern perfectly with Tiled Clones. Even if I get them aligned correctly, Tiled Clones still creates hairline gaps. I can tile simple triangle patterns in Paint Shop Pro with no gaps, using duplicate, flip, mirror, rotate.

How about some 3D Boxes. Yes, they can be cloned. Object to Path first.

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