Thursday, July 30, 2009

Walk In The Field Part 32 - Curlycup Gumweed

Lots of unknown plants that I'm waiting to see blossom before I id and post.
This Curlycup gumweed hasn't blossomed yet, but I was able to id, anyway.
It's called "noxious" and/or "invader," but from a photographer's telephoto perspective it's fabulous stuff.

Curlycup gumweed (Grindelia squarrosa)
Family name: Aster (Asteraceae)

"...a biennial that blooms and dies during its second growing season.

The most characteristic feature is the curly involucre (group of scale-like leaves around the flower head) which exudes copious amounts of sticky resin. "

Other names: Tarweed, Resinweed
Species: Grindelia squarrosa (Pursh) Dun.

Grindelia squarrosa (Pursh) Dunal

Yardstick image

I'll post some flowers when they blossom and if I get some good shots of them.

Here's a nice blossom:

I like this spiral:

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