Thursday, July 09, 2009

Walk In The Field Part 16 - Coneflower White

So I've been seeing this coming up all over the field:

Sometimes with white blossoms alongside cones.

Fuller plant view (shows another bud):

Here's the longest view to show the leafy stuff:

Leaf closeup:

I call it a white coneflower, but ID unknown. I'll continue to observe it, and if I get more info, I'll post it here.

UPDATE 24 Jul 09

Hey, Googled bergamot
for something else and got this pdf:
Blooms of ND

Aha! I found more of my unknown plants in here.
This is a "Thimbleweed!"

Candle Anemone (Anemone cylindrica)
Ranunculaceae (The Crowfoot or Buttercup Family)
Also called "thimbleweed," "cottonweed," and "long-headed anemone"

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