Saturday, June 13, 2009

Moon and Jupiter

Sat 13 Jun 09
5:22 a.m.
Now the star/planet is at the lower left of moon, so this must be Jupiter that is paired up with the moon in the Southern sky. (See previous post.)

Obviously over-exposed moon.

My next challenge was getting a good exposure of the moon without the planet getting too faint.

This is an example where the camera is *wrong* with exposure, so have to switch to manual mode and set the shutter speed myself.
Taken with my S3 point and shoot hand-held.
I tried spot metering but then the camera would not let me go maximum zoom.
I had it at maximum zoom so that takes care of the aperture setting, and then kept increasing the shutter speed until I didn't see any blowouts on the moon in-camera view.
1/125 shutter speed worked.
That moon is very bright.
I was worried the planet would be too faint, but I can still see it when image is full size.

Closeup of moon:

Fly Me To The Moon
Old Frank Sinatra video w-a-y back...1956.

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