Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Robin's Nest

And what do we have here...peering into the evergreen tree with camera and tele so not too close...

Mrs.(?) Robin flew out of the nest and was NOT happy with me.
Posed as if to say sternly, "Back off!"


I hope I didn't traumatize her too much.

Info on "Gestation"
"Question: I am building a raised playhouse for my kids and noticed that a robin had built a nest and laid 3 eggs...

Answer: ...It takes about 12-14 days for a female to incubate the eggs. After the birds fledge, about two weeks later, the father takes two weeks to teach them how to survive. This means that you may need to postpone constructing the playhouse for up to seven weeks if the nest is active. ..."

Just a partial clip. Complete article at the link. There are also more links to follow. One has
pictures of eggs and hatched babies.

It may be incorrect to apply the term "gestation" to birds as "gestating" refers to "carry in womb."
Googling on gestation and birds gets results, so leaving it as is. Put the word in quotes, though.

Wisegeek.com says "the term may be used for the incubation period of eggs for egg-laying animals like birds."

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