Monday, June 08, 2009

Cloud Types

Another google excursion...

Clouds: 4 basic categories (Latin)
cirrus/cirro - wispy (lock/curl of hair)
cumulus/cumulo - puff balls (heap)
stratus/strato - layers, blankets (spread out)
nimbus/nimbo - (rain)

4 Cloud Types

Cloud Classifications
In meteorology, 27 categories - 9 for each level (low, middle, high)
(Good cloud pics here.)

Wiki Cloud Types

Nice Cloud Drawing
(Click on "A Printer Friendly Cloud Chart" link.)

Luke Howard
(b. 28 Nov 1772 – d. 20 Mar 1864)
was the guy who named the clouds.

Back in 2004 the US Postal Service came out with cloud stamps. Did not know that. I'm about 5 years too late.

2004 Cloud Postage Stamps
University of British Columbia Earth and Ocean Sciences
GOOD Image of the stamps here.

Livescience on the stamps
(10 categories of clouds, 27 subtypes)

Cloud pics are mine.

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