Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Way Life Should Be - BOOK

I'm on a GOOD book roll. Yay!

I'm reading The Way Life Should Be, (c. 2007) by Christina Baker Kline.
Found THREE of her books at the library and since this first one is good, I'm looking forward to the other two.

I love this story because the protagonist, Angela, essentially starts over in a small coastal Maine town where she knows no one and creates a new circle of friends with an interesting hodge podge of characters. Some/most came in from other areas, so there's that question, "how did you end up here?" and them maybe not knowing quite how to answer that.

I ask where in New York she lived.

"Gramercy Park," she says, and I know what that probably means...

"And you're here year-round now?"

"Yes," Long silence. "What about you? Will you be staying year-round?"

Now I'm the reticent one. "Umm, well, I don't know. Basically my life fell apart, and here I am."

"Yeah, that's my story, too," she says, smiling. She seems relieved by my frankness. (pg 162-3)

Then there's the local library lady who gets to know Angela's reading habits a little TOO well, and Angela's thinking: "in New York I might have contemplated taking out a restraining order at this point, but here I just take the book and sign it out." (pg 140)

Very entertaining read.

I love it when I find good reads that keep me up at night, rather than put me to sleep.

The other two:
Sweet Water (c. 1993) - Abandoned it. Didn't like it.
Desire Lines (c. 1999) - Skimmed it to find out what happened to Jennifer.

New novel, Four Way Stop, coming out in Spring of 2009.

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