Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Blender Tutorial Lesson 3

My Notes:

A - Select/DeSelect All
Zoom In/Out - MMB (Middle Mouse Button)
Pan Up/Down - Shift/MMB
Pan Over - Ctrl/MMB

OR Numbers Pad (These Work in my Windows version)
+/- is Zoom In/Out
Ctrl/6 - left
Ctrl/4 - right
Ctrl/2 - up
Ctrl/8 - down

That was tough getting everything lined up correctly.
I don't know how to undo, so if I screw up, I have to start all over again.
Saving multiple copies.
0 or zero on number pad toggles between my user set view and camera view.
But if I select Side, Front, Top view I lose my user view.

Add a new light source.
Add, Light, Sun
Want the light source or dotted line to "shine" on the cube.

Relevant LINKS:
Interface for Newbs
See also BlenderQuickStart.pdf which comes with the zipped Blender software download.

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