Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blender Clouds, Hair, Interface Changes

The goal was a nice textured background for my objects.

Video Tut
How to make sun and clouds.

Keepvid to save it to hard drive.
Search vimeo for more Blender tuts.

I did not do the sun part. The tut video is in 2.45.15 version Blender. I think my newer Blender 2.48.1 version has a special feature for sun?
I want to study that first.

Hirsig's Unit 4 Snowman Tut creates a plane and them adds an image texture of snow for the ground. (I did not do the snowman and trees stuff.)

This looks more like clouds, than snow. But another way to add that to your scene. (Note: Also relevant in Unit 4 are the video lessons on Blender Material Basics, Colored Material, and Color Picker. I'm working thru Unit 4 right now.)

Then I looked at this old tut also.
Particle-Based Clouds
Particle Interface area of Blender got a significant update in version 2.46 so the tut is a little difficult to follow.
There is no Static button in version 2.48.1.
And have to Alt/A (animation) to actually see that snowy particle stuff on screen.

Somehow Blender was creating folders on my hard drive. I made the animation only one frame long instead of 250 frames and that seemed to stop it.

Here's what my rendered clouds looked like. Not too exciting.

Then viewed:
Super3boy's 26th video
(2.46 Hair, UV, and Grass)
About 3:30 minutes into the video is the "where's the Static button?" part.
This has to do with the Blender interface changes.
Also, he shows you how to make hair and comb it, which was fun.

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