Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Letting Go Of God

Another ShowTime freebie that I liked.
Letting Go of God (2008)
Julia Sweeney.

To me, it wasn't *overly* negative or *overly* exaggerated for comedic effect. More of an honest personal story told in a sometimes funny sarcastic way, sometimes touching way. I could relate to it in a lot of ways.

My favorite part was where she was talking about how the stories in the Bible are not literally true, but psychologically true. And she kinda talks and thinks that through for a while.
Of course, psychologically true...etc...
And then pause.
And then...
What does that mean?!
That cracked me up.

There were other moments like that, but can't recall more.

She liked Karen Armstrong's, History of God, and that's where she got the thought about psychologically true. Sweeney kinda raved about how much she liked Armstrong's book. But I didn't like Armstrong's book much. Mostly because the references sucked, as I recall. It's been quite a few years since I've read it.

The show is long, a little over 2 hours. The Psychologically true part is about 45 minutes into the program.

The entire thing can be found at YouTube.

Part 1 of 7
YouTube - Julia Sweeney, Letting Go of God Monologue: 1/7

Part 5 of 7
"Have you READ that book?!" (Bible) LOL
Then at about 6:11 She talks about Armstrong and Psychologically true.

Another interesting thing about Julia Sweeney is that she quit public storytelling around March 2010.
Her blog post about that:
I plan to stop being a public, personal, storyteller.
Dated Tuesday, March 09, 2010.
"I no longer wish to be so naked and bare."
"I began to look at the darker side of telling stories about my personal life."

More on that and how she met her husband in a couple of Chicago news items.

Julia Sweeney, suburban housewife
Former “Saturday Night Live” star has let go of Pat, God and the urge to explore her foibles in public
March 07, 2010|By Mary Schmich

"The letter-writer had seen 'Letting Go of God,' her show about becoming an atheist after a lifetime of Catholicism. He told her she should marry his brother, Michael..."

"...she discovered a new desire. To be quiet and alone. No parties. No dinners. No big public life."
"'I'm not an activist," she said. 'I'm trying to get off the whole atheist racket.'"
"She also claims she's done using her life as her art. One reason is her daughter."

You Should Know ... Julia Sweeney
It’s Pat!—with a new husband, a new North Shore address, and a new comedy series at the Lakeshore Theater
By Bradley Lincoln
Dated July 2009.
"'I got an e-mail with 'Desperately Seeking Sweeney-in-Law' as the subject line,' she says. 'It was from a fan who thought his [Chicago-based] brother would be perfect for me,..."

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