Sunday, October 17, 2010

Photographing Owls

Googled the topic of photographing owls. Sounds more complicated than I want to mess with. I know nothing about infrared or flash at night. Don't hunters sometimes use infrared camera setups to learn of activity in certain areas? I didn't think the quality would be that great.

Here are some relevant links on the topic:

Finding/Photographing Owls
Jul 10, 1997
(See Good news/bad news reply.)
"Once you locate a great-horned owl pair, you are likely to find a pair in the same area for the rest of your life."

Mentions fill flash, further down.
So probably some kind of flash is needed to photograph them.
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The Night Shift -- Photographing Owls and Bats
Home Photographic Technique The Night Shift -- Photographing Owls and Bats
June 25 2008
(Talks about a Photo Trap, a high-speed infrared camera triggering system and flash units.)

More on that here.
Capture the Incredible Using the Photo Trap and High Speed Flash
Wednesday, June 25 2008 Joe McDonald
(Has photos of the equipment.)

Photographing Owls
13th February 2003
Mentions high speed flash and lamps.
May hunt during daylight hours when breeding.

Owl Graphic
(Miscrosoft Office 2010 Images)

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