Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I guess I'm going to have to widen out and use a more general label, fractals, instead of just Apophysis. I was watching these videos online about the Mandelbrot set and of course, I had to come up with some nice Mandelbrot fractals to post with it if I'm going to blog the links. So I created these fractals in Fractal Explorer.


I like the background patterning on this one:

This one looks like a bug:

Another "bug" with a colored background:


It all started at MeFi.

Which linked to Ebert's philosophical post.

Which linked to a site that has a video tutorial, The Amazing Mandelbrot Set Tutorial.

Ebert also linked to the complete 54 minute video, Explaining the Mandelbrot Set: Arthur C. Clarke's "Fractals - The Colors of Infinity.

And don't miss the Mandelbrot song.

Google fractal music.
Which is a topic I have not researched yet.

Here's a closeup crop of a 1024x768 size fractal "bug" I made showing the "baby" Mandelbrots:

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