Sunday, February 22, 2009

Apophysis - Webbing

I kinda like these weblike fractal, but they are very hard to perfect.
They want to go blurry/noisy right away when I try to tweak them.
And then there are the color flaws that are hard to perfect also.
I displayed it on white background within Apophysis and that helped me see the coloring better.

I up'd the Brightness then up'd the Saturation in the Options Menu.
That seems to work well when the colors/gradients are too dark, blah.
I got some "blowouts" with this one, though.

3 triangles - linear, sinusoidal, spherical variations
A combo I want to play with more.


D Overanalyst said...

I just love the way your blog looks,,,even i use the picture template...n transparent header....

i'd come back again to check ur posts......i just got glued to this apophysis thing....i never knew it existed,....i curse myself for that......these r just so beautiful..........a whole new world, isnt it?

Marilyn said...

Hi, I just dug up some current information on Apophysis. There's a version for Windows 7 interface. I plan to blog about that soon, just into Inkscape right now. :)

Thanks for the comment. ~M

D Overanalyst said...

Hi again,
true nobody knows that author replies, nobody visits again....
i just saw ur reply, thanks, for replying...
but i really need to learn how apophysis works