Friday, February 20, 2009

Dreamy Lights - Apophysis Fractal For The Day

Another Apophysis 3D fractal I created.

Fractal of the Day
Fractal of the Day by Jim Muth

He's been doing that since March 1997.
Tells some interesting stories sometimes to go along with the fractal.

I liked Search For Reality
Search For Reality
FOTD -- February 14, 2009
"I have been fascinated with 'reality' ever since my father introduced me to the puzzle of reality when I was around age 12...."

To create his fractals, Jim uses FractInt
developer's version
developer's version (Link to fractal software list.)

I do plan on exploring other fractal software programs. I have installed and looked at Chaos Pro (see above software list link). It has layering and animation features that look interesting.

UPDATE: - 26 JUL 10 - Changed hyperlinks per comments.


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Marilyn said...

Thank you for the update.
I'll add the new hyperlinks to my original post.