Thursday, February 05, 2009

Apophysis Patterning

Another important thing in mastering Apophysis is learning how to do patterning (including rotationals/spirals) and I've been studying that.
Can't say I've created anything I really like, but I will post some examples anyway. Coloring skills are also important and I'm not very good at it.

A few ways to study patterns in Apo.
1. Find scripts and flames that do patterning and study them. They are both just plain text files and can be opened in any text editor. So I study them that way and also study them within Apophysis Transform Editor. I've studied spirals this way.

2. Find some tuts (tutorials) on patterning.
Two good ones that I've found and worked thru:
a. Rotationals
b. An Intermediate User's Guide by Carl Skepper (pdf file) found here.

My notes:
Rotationals and spirals involve stacking several Linears and rotating them, sometimes scaling them.
Patterning seems to be more about exact positioning of transforms, usually Linears, in certain patterning positions.

NOTE: Some fractals in the rotational tut sample flames download has Post_Transforms (PX).

NOTES on the Carl Skepper tut/guide.
If you want to copy/paste text from that tut, the pdf is in google cache.
The Metallica Script is here.
However, I got a
"syntax error line 55"
when I tried to run the script.

LINE 55 says:
// Reset Symmetry as new transforms and even out the weights as new transforms
may have symmetry set at 1

The line wrapped.
I just commented out (add //) the part that says "may have symmetry set at 1"
and then the script worked.

The pdf file does not contain the last section of the script.

This tut talks about things like:
Filling in the holes.
Sharpening the pattern.
Very helpful.

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