Thursday, February 05, 2009

Apophysis Mandelbrot

I set out to create a Mandelbrot fractal in Apophysis, but then I found out sometimes Apo users, like Claire Jones, switch to the free Fractal Explorer software to do traditional Mandelbrots.
I wasn't really wanting to learn another fractal software right now, but, turns out, it was pretty easy to create your basic Mandelbrot in this software. I ran the flood plugin on the above fractal I made in Fractal Explore. I liked it.

In Apophysis, there is a Mandelbrot plugin available at Deviantart, but it is very slow and cumbersome to work with, and the results weren't all that exciting either.

It is possible to make a basic Mandelbrot variation with just one triangle/transform.
In Transform Editor
Create a New Blank Flame (click icon top left)
Variation, Julian 1 (delete 1 under Linear)
Flip H and V (click icons top near right)
Triangle Tab, move right by .1 twice and Scale down by 200

There is a Mandelbrot flame (parameters) posted here.
Copy and paste within Apo.
It was created in Apo 3D version, but it also works in the Apo208beta2 version.
The Linear Triangle 2 can be deleted and you'll still have the same Mandelbrot fractal.
The shape is slightly rounder than what I made, but just have to make my Julian slightly smaller to accomplish the same thing.
If doing some patterning with this basic fractal, I would think it would be better to use precise sizing and movements, because otherwise it will create noise and imperfection in the patterning results.
Here are a few patterning efforts and variations I made from the Mandelbrot setup:

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