Monday, January 19, 2009

Sinusoidal Rain - Apophysis

I'm starting to have some fun in Apo, finally.

New Blank Flame
Tri1 - Sinusoidal 1
Dup 4 times so now have 5 Tri's.
Tri5 change to Spherical 1 and Drag X down and a little to the left to stretch the tri and make it long and skinny.
It might be a tad rotated and angled too.

COMPARE - Try just two transforms/triangles
Tri1 - Sinusoidal 1 - change Weight from .5 to 1
Tri2 - Spherical 1 and same shape.

Similar but not quite the same.
The dups result in more detail.

Tri = Triangle/Transform
Dup = Duplicate

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