Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Apo Barnsley Fern, Post Transforms

Apo Barnsley Fern Tut
UPDATE 22 Apr 11: Dead link. Look for info here.

Sometimes the fractals are way too tiny on the screen. I can barely see them. That was the case when trying to make this fern.
In the Adjust Menu popup (F5), if I zoomed in, it slowed Apo down to a crawl. BUT if I scaled it up, that worked. (My Display Rendering Quality is always set very low at 5 for processing speed.)

I didn't like my fern much.
The instructions were inaccurate for my version of Apo, so a little frustrating to follow. I still learned from them, though.
And forget about the third iteration stage-yikes. I was doing good just to get the second iteration halfway decent.

Transform Editor info, etc.:
(I like creating these little screenshot summaries for reference.)

Post Transforms Tut

I was able to make the box, but it had a faint patterning inside it and was not solid noise grain like the tut example.
I could duplicate it, but then the boxes became very faint, barely visible on screen and no way could I come close to that impossible triangle.
Post transform stage was very difficult to work with in Apo.
Teensy boxes.
Right click mouse drag in transform editor to move the view.
Mouse scroll to zoom in and out.
I think double click on mouse will bring the view back to normal.
That helped, but still, very laborious.

LABELS: Apophysis

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