Sunday, January 18, 2009

Apophysis Spiralia

Thought I'd try a light background on a fractal.
Looks like bead work.
Looks totally different on a black background.

Messin' around with CabinTom's Spiralia script.

Here's another one.
Yellow background this time, just for kicks.

Besides the layering, also some minor work on the center in Paint Shop Pro.

I liked the grainy view of this one in Apo a lot, but could not render it like that.

Here's the screenshot.

I do so many different things I can't even remember all the steps that got me there.
I do remember to just keep running the script over and over again until I found something interesting and then going into the Transform Editor and move, twirl, resize, deform the triangles.
Very simple 2 triangle fractal.
Tri1 is Fan2 Variation
Tri2 is Julian Variation

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