Friday, January 09, 2009

Sierpinski and Apophysis Part 3

The fun starts when you take that 3 triangle Sierpinski setup in Apo that I blogged about and change it.

What happens when you move those triangles around?

What happens when you resize them or pivot them?

[translate (move), rotate, reflect (flip), scale (resize), shear (pivot, distort)
See Tut]
UPDATE 22 Apr 11: Dead link. Look for info here.

And there's a LOT more you can do in Apophysis with those triangles.

Or something.
Changed the gradient.
(All images are low resolution screenshots.)

Here's that Sierpinski Quilt I mentioned in an earlier post.

Change the gradient.

This one is marked "rotate gradient and change weight."

Something I noticed when just moving around the triangles is I'll see imperfections in the patterning. The pattern will be off just a tad. This is the advantage of typing in the numbers for exact coordinates versus just moving the triangles around.

This is just some of my additional comments after working thru the tuts.


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