Thursday, March 24, 2011

Firefox 4

So let's make those inactive tabs as ugly and as hard to read as possible, shall we.
I just spent hours trying to change that.
The tab color automatically changes with Personas and not in a good way.

Out of desperation, I installed tab-mix plus add-on which is overkill and really should not be necessary. I noticed that I can now control where new tabs display, so I may find this add-on more useful.

change color of tab
"Use the Tab Mix Plus addon, and in Tools, Tab Mix Plus Options, click Display, click Tab and check the box that says Current tab. Now click Customize Styles and under Current Tab select how you want the current tab to be displayed (e.g. background colour of Red). Click OK and OK again."

I tried the old trick of editing userChrome.css to change tab colors, but the reference link is no longer valid and I couldn't get it to work so maybe it just doesn't work in Firefox 4.
(Working reference links: here and here.)

UserChrome location in Windows 7 is here:

Had to get rid of that add new tab button again.
That worked. (Redundant feature.)

How do you bookmark all tabs in FF4?
Right click on a tab and select Bookmark all Tabs.

I tried using Tab Groups and ended up closing all my tabs. grrrrr It is not very clear how to get back to the normal browser window. I assumed it was like the usual popup window, you just close it to get back to normal browsing. NOT. Do not click on the x at top right of popup. Click the plus at bottom left. Resize at bottom right. Name Tab Group Top left. None of those have popup text explaining what they do.

What is up with the Status Bar and Add-on Bar?
I need NoScript icon displayed at all times so I can monitor it.
Right click Add-on Bar, Customize, get rid of Personas icon by dragging it off the Add-on Bar. (It is available in Customize to move elsewhere if desired.)
Drag the NoScript icon to the top and I can now get rid of the Add-on Bar.

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