Friday, September 10, 2010

Word 2010 - Anatomy of a Text Box

I was studying the preformatted text boxes in Word 2010.
Boy, it took me a while to figure out the formatting.

The text box called "Alphabet Sidebar" was a good one to study because it has lots of different formatting settings.
Not only is the box formatted, but it also has *paragraph* formatting, including top and bottom borders and line spacing.
The paragraph border area is also where you can add horizontal divider lines in your document.
There are tons of things a person can do with shapes. Studying one gave me lots of ideas.

Paragraph formatting area:

Relevant Links from the "dummies" page:

Lines and Boxes
How to Add Lines and Boxes to a Word 2010 Document

Page Border
How to Put a Border around a Page of a Word 2010 Document

More Word 2010 Stuff

Here's a handy dandy pdf file I found Googling. It's for "Advanced" students. I feel better now. HA


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