Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sunflower Road

I tried different angles on the sunflower road view and I like these the best.

There was also this beauty further in the ditch:

And surprise, I had company.

He was the exact same color as the sunflowers.
Talk about blending in.

Then there was this sunflower which was very different and stood out from the rest along the road as we were driving by.

The petals (ray flowers) were fabulous:

Later, we saw this one lone sunflower in a field of wheat or grain of some sort. The result was a happy surprise with an unusual background effect to it. I like it.

Common sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)



Family: Asteraceae (ass-ter-AY-see-ee)
Genus: Helianthus (hee-lee-AN-thus)
Species: annuus (AN-yoo-us)

(At first I didn't catch that double u in annuus.)

Sunflower varieties list

Try Google Images on Autumn Beauty sunflower.
Or how about Peach Passion sunflower.

An orienting response to light.

An orienting response to the sun.

An involuntary orienting response; positive or negative reaction to a stimulus source.

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