Monday, August 17, 2009

Bird Puddle Hot Spot

Returned to the avocet site and got more pics.
Setting: It's just a big puddle of water in a field close to a gravel road:

One of my favs:

There were a lot of avocets.
Some fun ones:
(Notice their plumage is changing from breeding rusty/tan head/neck to winter white.)

There were lots of other birds at the "pond" as well, but they didn't allow me to get as close, thus pics aren't as good.
It was one active little spot.

This is a close as we got to the ducks:

I referred to Marshbirds and Shorebirds of North Dakota and my bird books for these next ones, but could not id for sure.

Willet (Catoptrophorus semipalmatus) in the background maybe? I don't know about the one in the foreground. I could guess that one as a juvenile maybe, but there were so many different birds there that might not be a correct assumption. Another thing that complicates the id process is the birds seem to be changing plumage as evidenced by the avocets. The adult willet is supposed to have a flashy black and white wing pattern in flight, but I don't have any of those pics.

Here's another pair that I think probably belong to the same Sandpiper Family (Scolopacidae)

Yellowlegs are migratory only in ND, so it couldn't be them, not yet, in August.

Here's yet another one I could not id:

One of the above could be a Wilson's Phalarope (Family Phalaropodidae) maybe.
Anyway, I give up. Just don't have enough info to positively id.

There were killdeers also, now those I can id just by their sound:

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