Friday, May 08, 2009

Filter Forge

I've been preoccupied with trying out Filter Forge plugin creator.
Hours and hours of entertainment.

I'm posting new blog template images all made with that program.

Features of note:
Make your own filters.
Random button and presets.
Seamless feature.
Reminds me of Inkscape effects generator, only more advanced and more user friendly.
Can download filters and samples at site.
I like that they are numbered with an html link inside the software program.
Every element has a submenu, which is not readily apparent at first glance.

See wiki for info on plugin creators.
Interesting to see the history on it. Filter Forge info and links there.

Filter Forge links to filters I used for my blog template images.
3494 Moody Shadows
7114 Retro Pattern
6742 Yin Yang (Site says removed?)
6249 Singularity

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