Sunday, May 10, 2009

Grand Canyon - Movie

So far, I've recorded lots and watched only one movie on free HBO, Grand Canyon (1991).
It's an older movie I've seen before but forgotten and I just caught it channel surfing, so didn't record it. Should have.
I liked the philosophical slant to the movie and I liked the humor.
It's a movie I'd watch again and so I'd buy the DVD if I ever found it locally or Amazon has it for $10.00.

My favorite quote in the movie is when Simon is talking about his father.
Also I got a kick out of Dee, she was soooooo melodramatic and intense, it made me laugh.
I'm not sure if the character was meant to be funny in that way, it just struck me that way at the time I was watching it.

Fav Quote:
Found at
(Not sure of accuracy, and I'm editing, but the punch line is there.)

My father died last year. He was 80 years old.
It's a long time for a black man to live in this town.
He outlived everyone he ever knew.
He saw two wives die and three of his children.
He had a great ugly old face that looked like a suitcase gone a million miles...
...all beat up and dented and scuffed and stained.
Man, he looked like
he walked years on that face.
When I used to look at that face and see all the pain there...
...all the things he'd lost, all the hurt he had...
...I wondered why he wanted to go on,
why he just didn't lay down and give it up.

MACK: Did you figure it out?
SIMON: No. Never figured out much about that guy. I asked him, though.
MACK: What'd he say?
SIMON: Habit.

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