Sunday, May 24, 2009


My first bobolink pic! Not the best, but still exciting.


Got a better pic on 31 May 09.

Will keep trying to improve. We have at least two very active bobolinks around here this year, so should get more opportunities.

UPDATE: Sun 28 JUN 09 - More Better

This was a bobolink couple guarding their nest, I think, thus I got closer than they usually will allow. We have a lot of bobolinks this year.

Male front:

Male back:



MORE - Same couple, I think. Pics taken Fri, 3 Jul 09.

"Hi Sweetie, How are the kids?"

The bobolinks are gone. Sometime between 8-11 Jul 09. I miss them. I got many photos of them. Some of the best are posted here. They were ever present in the field in at least 2 or 3 locations. I got used to their different sounds as I walked around out there.

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