Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hold On To Hope - Music Video

Testing videos.


Amy Stroup
Bing Wallpapers
Windows 7 Wallpapers
Cyberlink PowerDirector8
PaintShop Photo Pro X3 (PSPPX3)


Okay, so I was thinking that video was kinda boring, not much going on, right.
Here's a *clip* of what that "Hold On To Hope" song would look like if it had animated text.


Only a clip, because animating all the text in a song would take FOREVER and many more slides.
The one background image seemed locked to text after I was finished, so I didn't edit that part. But could add different background slides too for variety.

I didn't work much with the Text area of PowerDirector8 at first, because it was too cumbersome to work with. But I returned to that because I wanted see what it could do with text animation.

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