Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Butterflies Video




This is one of my first attempts to create a video with Cyberlink PowerDirector8.

I used my butterfly photos I've posted on my blog (See label below).
Most were 4:3 ratio (420x315 or 450x338) so tried to find a video format with the same aspect ratio.
For choices, it seemed like I had either
320x240 (too small)
640x480 (too big).

I like the 16:9 ratio (480x270) mp4 size best for online posting. Seems about right without getting too large in size.

I couldn't figure out what the deal is on uploading videos within Blogger.
If I upload within Blogger, where are my videos stored and can I access my video files and delete them?
Picasa is a mystery too. To upload you need special software. BUT downloading is not available. Huh? What does that mean? Can I embed it in my blog or not?

Photobucket seemed straight forward about it. Upload images and videos here. Process. And now here's the embed code. Simple. Thank you.

Blogger complained about the code. I just had to add the closing tag for embed (</embed>).

About the music:
Maid with the Flaxen Hair, by Richard Stoltzman was a free sample song on my Laptop.
Google It

Richard Stoltzman on Maid With the Flaxen Hair
Part One of Two
Grammy award winning clarinetist Richard Stoltzman discusses his recording of Debussy's Maid With the Flaxen Hair on Navona Records.
Part Two

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