Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hewlett-Packard Laptop Wallpapers

I love some of the Hewlett-Packard desktop wallpapers I got with my new laptop.
My fav:

It is signed by an Illustrator artist named Laura Barnard.

She gives info on other artists, yay:
HP Artist Wallpaper Series
"I was proper delighted to be asked to design a set of desktop wallpapers for HP to be shipped with their 2010 range of laptops, and was even more delighted when I discovered I was in splendid and esteemed company with three other great illustrators:

Alex Eben Meyer,

Julie West

and Amy Ruppel. . ."

"...available for download here. . ."

Also I noticed a few of the HP wallpapers mimic the design etched on my laptop.

I wonder who created it and if there is a story behind that?

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rina septiana said...

i love using those wallpaper too. unfortunately, after i had updated my laptop, i lost them. :(