Sunday, May 02, 2010

Trails Out of The Archives

Digging around in my photo archives for trails, paths, roads theme.
I tried some post-processing effects on some of these to see if I could improve them.

Didn't do anything to this one.

With these next two, I know I took dozens of pics at different times trying to get a good exposure because of the very high contrast. These turned out well because it was a little later in the day so more sunlight, plus I zoomed in and eliminated the sky because that would have blown out.

Can't decide if I like this color boost or not. Plus the road is kinda ugly, but too hard to fix.

This color boost I like.

No color boost but I fixed the trails on these next three because they had lots of tar patches on them and looked ugly. I used the cloning feature in Paint Shop Pro 9.

Soft Light layering boosted color and contrast a little on these next two cloning trail jobs.

Soft light and sky gradient on this one:

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