Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Indoors with the Fifty

Well I finally decided I could part with my tele for a while and put on the 50mm f/1.4 for some indoor photography.
I just shot pics around the house at F2 no flash just to see how they would turn out.

I liked this one.

Note to myself:
1) shoot subject at an angle and 2) use the window as back lighting.

I did use some fill flash post-processing in Paint Shop Pro 9, and it is still a little too dark.
The pic on the calendar kinda looks like our outdoors, except for the mountains, of course.
So open the door and take a pic of the trees at F10.

I didn't customize my White Balance for the indoor environment, so sometimes I would shoot with Tungsten White Balance if things got too warm with Sunny White Balance.

That was a quote off a calendar and it is actually pale blue lettering with white backgound. Not sure how that got pink with Tungsten?

I might go dig out that homemade light box I have around here and play with that.

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