Saturday, February 25, 2012

Binder Clip Love

Wrap Headphone Cord on Binder Clip
I wonder about wrapping the headphone cord because a lot of times what wears out on my headphones is the wires break inside the cord and then no sound on one side. Although I haven't had that problem with my JVC headphones which I LOVE. I usually drop the cord inside my shirt so it's out of the way when I exercise. (Video demonstrates earplug type headphones, but would work with my headphones as a cord shortener.)

9 Binder Clip Uses
Yes, I use the clip on the toothpaste tube.
I also have a clip on my keys. Used mainly when I exercise outdoors. Either secure the keys to a pocket so they don't fall out. Or if I don't have a pocket, I clip them to my pants waistband.

I hadn't thought of removing the ends and combining the clips in the ways shown in the link (binder clip dock) so this was interesting.

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