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Fireflies In The Garden

Fireflies In The Garden
I think it had the potential for being a very good movie, but it just didn't feel finished to me.
Good actors.
Worth a watch.

1. Julia Robert's part is very small. Her character bugged me because she allowed the abuse of her son, but would tell him that she loved him so much. Yuk.
2. The ending is abrupt, unrealistic, unsatisfying, didn't fit the character development. (No transformation of the father, Charles Taylor.)
3. Unresolved, unexplained, unfinished stuff. (What was the deal with the young Jane Lawrence.)
4. Supposed to be based on the director's (Dennis Lee) life? It was mentioned but not really explained on the DVD feature. He emphatically states that his father was nothing like the movie character. That didn't make a whole lot of sense to me because the abusive father is such a dominant part of the movie. He was evidently talking about the mother aspect of the movie. Julia Robert's does not participate in the feature, which is weird.

Large high quality pictures
Written and directed by Dennis Lee, the film premiered at the 2008 Berlin International Film Festival, but did not get released in the United States until October 14, 2011.

"Fireflies In The Garden" References:
1. Robert Frost poem.
2. Name of Michael's book.
3. Memory of batting fireflies in the dark.


I liked the music in this movie so I did some digging on that.

imdb was pretty much worthless for info.
There is a soundtrack, but several show up at Amazon with different artists, so not sure about that. More specifics below.

I looked at the DVD end credits.

The opening song is
Over The Moon (grooveshark) 2nd FAV
by The Innocence Mission

The last song during the movie is
Happy Birthday (youtube)
by The Innocence Mission

The song that plays during end credits:
Don't Hold Me Back (youtube)1st FAV
Alex Cornish (grooveshark)

Follow Me (myspace)
by Makepeace Brothers (also bandcamp)

Whisper To A Scream (Birds Fly) (youtube)
by Icicle Works (grooveshark)

No One Moves, No One Gets Hurt (youtube)
by Bedoin Soundclash

Amazon soundtrack related details:
Jane Antonio Cornish
Listed as Orchestrator and Producer in movie end credits.

Alexander Malter
Listed as Pianist and part of the Vincent Trio in movie end credits.

Multiple Artists
No track list at amazon.
Alexander Malter is already mentioned above.

Javier Navarrete (Amazon says Composer, but I did not find this name in the movie end credits.)
Shows up at Youtube and here. Just a few examples.

Jonathan Stockhammer (Listed as Conductor in movie end credits.)

Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky (Composer)
Vincent Trio [End credits listed as Alexander Malter (Piano), Christian Stadelmann (Violin), Dietmar Schwalke (Cello).]
Movie end credits says the Vincent Trio performs
Piano Trio in A Minor (op. 50) which was composed by Tchaikovsky.

Dresdner Sinfoniker (Listed as Orchestra in movie end credits.)

There were more artist names along with instrument played listed in the credits. I'm not sure where they all fit in.

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