Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Photo Walk

Spring Thaw:

The usual spring sightings of robins, Canada geese, mallards, and...

Out for breakfast, a muskrat:

Well, that's something new.
Just an insignificant speck in the scheme of things:

Okay, here, take your best mug shot:

And there he was, gone:

I see them every morning about 7:50 am and by about 8:15 am or so they disappear. I see two couples at two different locations. Not much light so my camera is really straining to get a decent exposure and the photos aren't the best, but I'm happy to get something.

Feeling frisky (different day):

And a little further North along the river, a beaver, obviously bigger than those tiny muskrats:

I like the water texture. Moving right along, cutting thru that water pretty fast... and *slaps* the water with that flat tail and disappears.

wiki - muskrat
muskrat? previously
wiki - beaver

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