Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Downy and The Goldenrod

I found an interesting tidbit about the downy woodpecker and the goldenrod plant.
Both are common/abundant in North Dakota, so maybe I'll get a chance to photograph them together some day.
The article said "Canada" goldenrod?
(Mag quote: "It attacks two species within the Canada goldenrod complex almost exclusively.")

Winter Treat For Downies
Birdwatching magazine December 2011 issue

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Here's a photo of a downy I took recently in November 2011.

Blogged previously here.
The hairy woodpecker looks very similar but is bigger.

Here's a photo of goldenrod I took in August 2011, which is the month it is plentiful all over the state.
Not sure if it's Canada goldenrod.

Blogged previously here.

There are 5 kinds of goldenrod in North Dakota.
Asteraceae (The Aster Family)


Goldenrod Bonus

From the same issue Birdwatching magazine:
ID Tips for the Pine Siskin
Peregrine Falcon vs. Snowy Owl

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