Thursday, July 07, 2011

Under The Sumac Tree

We were at the monastery beside/on University of Mary campus South Bismarck with overlook views of the Missouri river.

I was interested in these nifty fernlike trees.
I think they are sumac trees.

ND Tree Handbook
(See section III small trees.)

Family Anacardiaceae (cashew/sumac)

The tree body looked more like the image of
Sumac, Smooth (Rhus glabra)
Similar to Staghorn sumac but shorter.

But I think it's probably the
Sumac, Staghorn (Rhus typhina/Rhus hirta)
(See "Male flower cluster" image.)

Mine looks similar:

The sumac trees are probably gloriously ablaze with red leaves in autumn.

The monastery has a labyrinth.
(Better image view of the labyrinth pattern here.)
I'd like to walk it sometime. Maybe I'll return in the autumn, so I can also see those pretty sumac tree leaves.

Four Labyrinths in the state
This one is described as Medieval, 11 circuit, grass pathway, edged with natural stones.

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