Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tele Sunrise

Tele Sunrise

Click on above image to see larger size.

Okay, the colors are not at all what it looked like.
I saw a very pretty vivid sky blue against translucent creams and golden oranges, etc.
The camera with tele, straining to give me a picture in the too dark twilight, turned the vivid blue into a dull gray.
And well, the colors were just plain wrong.

But I liked the wispy cloud layers, textures, swirls I got when I zoomed in with the tele.
So I cropped wallpaper size and played with Curves.
I pulled down the Green and Red Channels.
I selected the gray area and then pulled up the Blue Channel.
Clarify 5 to increase cloud definition.

Note: Time stamp said borderline twilight/sunrise.

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